RSS лента

Flynax RssFeed plugin allows you to create unlimited number RSS feeds on pages.

RSS feeds can be created in specially designed boxes on pages. Using RssFeed plugin you may place any information at your website whether it will be news from popular websites or exchange rates or any other information that is valid for RSS channels.

The new version of the RssFeed plugin is designed to decrease server load thus all blocks of the plugin are static and do not overload the server. The content of the RSS feed is loaded with the help of AJAX and can take maximum 2 milliseconds.

With RssFeed plugin you can make your classifieds website more dynamic.

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Май 16, 2016
  • The problem of 'empty titles' after cron update has been resolved.
Сен 18, 2015
  • "http://" prefix issue in links fixed
Июн 01, 2015
  • A few minor bugs fixed
Май 09, 2015
  • Mysql getting insert id method updated
Апр 29, 2014
  • The logic of feeds data storing improved
  • Queries to the database removed
  • Adjusted Cron jobs is required
Апр 10, 2012
  • Now the Plugin is available for Flynax v.4.0
  • All RSSFeed boxes were made static with rss feeds loading after landing page reducing its loading time
Июл 29, 2010
  • Get page content method fixed
Июл 21, 2010
  • Initial Release
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